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American-born & raised, then refined à la française, Heather is recognised internationally as one of Europe's top-tier luxury wedding planners, and event producers. Upon moving to Paris, Heather, the founder and director of Rendez-vous in Paris recognized the city's limitless possibilities as a breathtaking wedding and event destination and decided to make it her own. After years in Financial Advisory Services in Paris, she left the corporate world to pursue her dream of becoming an event planner and entrepreneur. 

Since launching the company, she has appeared on television, planned celebrity weddings, and extraordinary private parties for an affluent clientele across Europe. She has also consulted with charity organizations, curating galas, gallery openings, charity auctions and other events designed to bring together those with a desire to help the less fortunate.

Her luxury events have been published in magazines like Vogue, Forbes, Grace Ormonde and Paris Match and Heather and her work were featured in the Amazon Prime Video series "Nabilla sans Filtre."


Her eye for perfection and appreciation for the exquisite, combined with genuine complicity shared with her clients, help Heather to ensure that every event is a reflection of their personal style. From elegant sophistication to unapologetic romance to relaxed Riviera-chic, Heather's aim is to complement her clients' unique style with a French-inspired finesse, to produce truly exceptional celebrations.

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Since launching Rendez-vous in Paris in France, Heather has been recognised internationally as one of Europe's best luxury wedding planners, and event producers. She has also appeared on television, planned celebrity weddings and extraordinary private parties for an affluent clientele.

The Agency was destined to expand & grow, so Ioana joined Heather in the creation of Rendez-vous in Paris - Bucharest in 2022!


With teams currently in both Western and Eastern Europe, we are able to create a collaborative planning experience, delivering events that go beyond our client's initial vision, adapting to our client's busy lives, allowing them to feel taken care, of yet in control of their milestone event. 

With the addition of our Bucharest office, we are able to take on your destination events from truly A-Z, as we now incorporate Travel Agency Services into our Destination Wedding Planning Services.

The Agency will continue to grow, with the addition of Rendez-vous in Paris - Dubai, opening before years end in 2023 !!

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 to discuss how we can elevate your event to the next level.


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We had the chance to experience a last minute Birthday Party managed by Heather. A very high level of expertise, a real sense e of details that matched 100% our client request and a very good network of suppliers. It was a 5 stars event, that our client and her guests enjoyed. Rendez vous in Paris is one to be recommend with no hesitation. She is a great and valuable partner in Paris for us from now on. 

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