Upon moving to Paris, Heather,  the                                            founder and director of Rendez-                                           vous in Paris recognized the city’s

potential for amazing parties, elegant weddings, and luxurious events. After 5 years working in Financial Advisory Services in Paris, she left the corporate world to pursue her dream of becoming an event planner and business owner. Since launching the company, she has consulted with charity organizations, planning galas, gallery openings, charity auctions and other events designed to bring together those with a desire to help the less fortunate. She has also planned celebrity weddings, and extraordinary private parties for an affluent clientele.




                                           Our philosophy is based on the                               overall guest experience.  We believe that true luxury is an experience, not just a decor. Our mission is to produce exceptional events for a demanding, perfection-driven clientele. Clients come to Rendez-vous in Paris from around the world, because of our capacity to listen and interpret their vision, and turn it into a sensational fête. Our imagination and international inspiration translate into completely tailor-made events for our quality-focused clients and their like-minded guests. Through close collaboration with each client throughout the creative & planning processes, we ensure that every event is designed for that client and no one else, with the guest experience as a priority. We pride ourselves on our discretion and and our white glove service.



             Being private or corporate our mission is to produce exceptional events for a demanding, perfection-driven clientele.
Clients come to Rendez-vous in Paris from around the world, because of our capacity to listen and interpret their vision, and turn it into a sensational fête.


- Joyce & Ricky


                  Hi Heather! We had an excellent time in Paris,                    I couldn’t imagine the proposal any other way.                 I really want to thank you so much for everything you’ve done. Meeting with me to pick up the letters, decorating the venue according to the concept and actually enhancing it to be even better than I envisioned. What more can I say about the pixel forest amazing, amazing, amazing! Blew me a way and you totally nailed the vision, our favorite for sure. I really did appreciate your attention to detail to the photos arrangements, the floral placements, angling the hanging frames to align with the light tunnel and especially the purple lighting, individually wrapping each led light, my goodness! I’m grateful that we got to work together, you work and style is very impressive. It was really a pleasure to work with you Heather. For sure we will keep in contact for our wedding planning needs.


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