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We’ve planned everything from 2000 person Awards Ceremonies, to 200 person conferences, to 20 person private dinners for shareholders and company heads with Michelin starred chefs and sommeliers offering the rarest wines, in exclusive locations overlooking the city skylines.


We've also organized hundreds of conferences, seminars, press launches, ateliers, company retreats and workshops & Fashion Week Showrooms.

Rendez-vous in Paris also has the necessary network and experience to get you and your clients front and center at the most sought-after sporting, cultural and exclusive events in France.

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We have been invited to speak at many International Luxury Event Planning Congresses, each time speaking in front of over 400 high-end event planners and producers from around the world, sharing our expertise and experience.

Rendez-vous in Paris has also been chosen as one of the top 100 Wedding Planners & Designers in the World by DWP Insider - Powerlist 2021 and 2022!

“Rendez-vous in Paris put together our Launch Party with 400 guests in the heart of Paris. They brought in famous artists & performers, curated my guest list and served my designer heels on silver platters as if they were delicacies! They showed my luxury brand off in a way that put us on the map!” 

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 to discuss how we can take your next event to a new level of success!

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We had the chance to experience a last minute Birthday Party managed by Heather. A very high level of expertise, a real sense e of details that matched 100% our client request and a very good network of suppliers. It was a 5 stars event, that our client and her guests enjoyed. Rendez vous in Paris is one to be recommend with no hesitation. She is a great and valuable partner in Paris for us from now on. 

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