France has legalized same-sex marriage!

“With the vote, France joins Britain in taking a major legislative step in recent weeks toward allowing gay marriage and adoption — making them the largest European countries to do so. The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Spain as well as Argentina, Canada and South Africa have authorized gay marriage along with six states in the United…

Destination Wedding Tips

To some, marriage is the undeniable, undebatable, next step in any love story worth telling. To others it’s a logical, thought-out decision to unite households or to “pool assets” (as my father so innocently suggested to my mother, who 25 blissful years later, still recounts her “romantic” engagement with a weary smile ) based on a loving relationship that works.

To others still, marriage is an adventure! Like with any good adventure, a pending marriage is a source of excitement. To add to the thrill, some begin this joyous journey far from home, with a unique destination wedding!


Red Tape : Marriage Requirements in France

The low-down on destination weddings in France


Having an elegant ceremony in the City of Lights is the dream of many. As a wedding planner in Paris, I should know. And as an affirmed lover of France, I can see why!

It’s true, there are a plethora of exquisite places to wed. From a simple terrace to a famous garden, from a luxurious private yacht to an ancient chapel, Paris itself has many unique venues.  And just outside of Paris you can find a charming abbey or a castle built for Kings. Take a short train ride to the South, and you can be married in a sunlit vineyard, in a field of lavender, or on the solemn steps of a historic church.