About us

Rendez-vous in Paris is an exceptional wedding and event planning company based in the heart of Paris, France.

Our mission is to plan and coordinate unforgettable events, each time going beyond our clients’ expectations. English-speaking couples from around the world, come to us because of our capacity to listen and interpret their desires, and turn them into sensational fêtes.

Upon moving to Paris, Heather recognized the city’s potential for amazing parties, chic weddings, and off-the-wall events. After 5 years working in Financal Advisory Services in Paris, she left the corporate world to pursue her dream of becoming an event planner and business owner. Fluent in French and captivated by the French culture, Heather felt compelled to start Rendez-vous in Paris.

Her eye for perfection and appreciation for the exquisite, combined with genuine complicity shared with her clients, help Heather to make each client’s event unmistakably theirs. From sophisticated to unbelievably romantic to arty-chic, Heather’s goal is to amplify her client’s style, add a little French-touch and create remarquable weddings and events.